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We focus on the following areas of technology:

CleanTech Sector

  • Energy efficiency devices – specifically marine applications (leisure and commercial), retrofit solutions for the built environment and energy management solutions for communities.
  • Water efficiency/recycling/treatment/heating/pumping solutions – specifically targeted at developing/3rd world /Mediterranean markets.

Renewable Energy Sector

  • Pico/Micro devices in the hydro/wind/biomass sectors (less than 5kW device output).
  • Condition monitoring technologies for rotating machines (generators/turbines etc.)
    – including cloud based software solutions to data aggregation, and mobile user interfaces.
  • Grid-tied interface equipment, including voltage stabilisation, voltage boosting, 30 min. storage solutions, battery optimisation software and thermal management systems.
  • Small scale Anaerobic Digesters – small farms, stables, communities, schools, domestic systems.