Re – Consultation on Strategic IP Management and Exploitation

“…… Services have been provided to us by Roy Fuscone, director of Marketing Aids, and

he has helped us in the following ways:

  • Providing professional knowledge across the types of IP a business needs to pay attention to and auditing our IP
  • Bringing to bear his ability to understand/relate to the ‘technology space’
  • Liaising with our external professional advisers and IP service suppliers to ensure we protect our interests
  • Providing clarity of reporting/explaining to our directors about IP and related matters
  • Provided a costed ‘road map’ for our future IP strategy
  • Making recommendations on the integration of IP with marketing and financial planning, for our business plans
  • Making inputs to discussions with potential funders to help us build our case for attracting investment.
  • I would have no hesitation in recommending Roy Fuscone’s services to another company.”

P Hames
Managing Director
The Business Software Centre

Re – IP Research and Technology Transfer

“……. referee for Roy Fuscone whom I knew as a colleague on the Economic and Social
Science Research Council (ESRC) funded research project on Intellectual Property, at
Loughborough University ……… I became acting principal investigator for this project
………. Roy Fuscone was one of the consultants to the project. He carried out his
contractual duties in exemplary fashion and provided valuable help to the research
team especially the younger and less experienced members. Roy Fuscone displayed
wide knowledge of the intellectual property industry in the UK and made a valuable
contribution to the project.”

Tom Weyman-Jones
Professor of Industrial Economics
Loughborough University

Re – Marketing Development

During my time with ESL as Technical Director we used Roy Fuscone’s services to support in creating and implementing our marketing strategy around the inspection focused software products we developed for public sector.

He advised us on, and then helped us to implement:

  • Market Mapping
  • Brand Identity
  • Presentation Material
  • Product Range Development
  • Marketing Collateral
  • JV and Agency contract development

Roy’s work was thorough, professional and effective. I would recommend Roy’s services to other businesses and hope to work with him again.

Gary Taylor
Business Development Director
GP TeamNet

Re – Launching an Invention

Dear Roy

Launching an Invention Seminar

“I write on behalf of us all at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your capable and efficient chairmanship of what turned out to be a most exciting and valuable exchange of views and information. Your handling of a difficult audience in so firm but fair a manner, and your careful control of the various speakers, enabled us to keep up with the clock while ensuring that no-one was deprived
of a chance to participate in the discussions.
………. We hope that you will be able to join us again next year ……….
Thanks once again for a sterling performance for us.”

Dr Jeremy Phillips
Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law
Queen Mary, London University

Re – Product and Technology Innovation Strategies

Dear Roy

“……………. I also want to thank you for being the inspirer of the work ……… over the last three years; without that new thinking I doubt that much real advance would have been made…… “

Jimmie Griffiths CBE
Chairman – Consumer Electronics Economic Development Committee
National Economic Development Office

Dear Roy

“There seems little doubt that the current work on CT and Cellular Technology will lead us very much in the direction of the …………. Report” (Report written by Roy Fuscone after leading the project team).

A J Nieduszynski
Department of Trade and Industry

Re – Establishing Marketing and Sales for a new technology-based business


“I would like to thank you for the work you have done at ESS ……. which has included amongst many other things, the setting in place of the administration structure for ESS, handling the marketing and sales organisation and organising two successful Ifssec Exhibitions.

The work you have done …… has been invaluable and there is no doubt in my mind that you have played a major and essential role in establishing ESS.”

R C Prater
Marketing Directorate

Re – Consultancy on New Product Development and Marketing

“Roy Fuscone carried out a consultancy assignment for us ……… a preliminary survey of the market for a new product ……….. preparation of packaging and promotional materials …… acted as an intermediary in negotiations with suppliers …… He tackled the assignment with enthusiasm and enterprise, and completed it to our satisfaction”.

J G Jones
Managing Director
Powell & Schofield Ltd

Re – Exploitation of Inventions

Dear Mr Fuscone


“………….. reported at the initial meeting of the working party yesterday, the sterling work you have been doing for NEDO ………….. It was felt by all that you have a very useful contribution to make to the Working Party. I am writing to ask whether you would be willing to join us.”


Re – Exploitation of Inventions

Letter from Sir John Cassels CB, Director General, National Economic Development Office to Dr Sir Robin Nicholson, Chief Scientific Adviser, Cabinet Office “………. I corresponded with you about a commentary on Cmnd 9117, Intellectual
Property Rights and Innovation, written by Roy Fuscone at NEDO…………… We have consulted widely on this work and found support and acceptance for it ………… May I suggest that we set up a discussion between the people within whose field this lies in our respective offices so as to establish what might be done in the light of the work so far carried out?”

Re – Managing Communications Projects

“……. These are skills in which you have surpassed………… two of the very best events that this Office has put on ……… having attended the meetings you have chaired as team leader I can only say that I wish more people in the Office conducted their projects in the way that you do.”

L McKinney
Head of Communications
National Economic Development Office

“I am very pleased that the IHS Conference was such a success ……….. All concerned with securing this success are to be congratulated, not least Roy Fuscone”

Sir John Cassels CB
Director General
National Economic Development Office